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Lumina Q&A

Can we keep our plan?

Yes! Although you may want to improve it with new Benefits.

Can we really offer $0 Out of Pocket to Employees?

Yes! Your PPO is so bloated with waste and carrier profits, we enable you to offer better benefits.

What is the average savings?

Typically, our clients spend 20% to 40% less.

How do you lower our spending so much?

By aggressively addressing the Big 5 cost drivers: primary care, hospital charges, elective surgeries, branded drugs and billing mistakes.

What is the Captive?

It is a group of forward-thinking firms that have joined together to leverage group buying power, share best practices, improve benefits for Employees and reduce spending for Owners.

Who is the Carrier?

Berkley Insurance, a Fortune 500 with over 50 years of focus on innovation for the Middle Market.

Where is the Captive?

It is based in North Carolina and regulated by the Department of Insurance.

How can we learn more?

Lumina would like to meet you- over the phone or over lunch. Drop us a line and we will set up a time.

Resources and Articles

Group Captives: Are They Right for You?

Joining or establishing a group captive is becoming an increasingly popular option for self-funded health plans looking to manage cost increases.

 An article by Benefits Magazine. 

Have PPO Networks Perpetrated The Greatest Heist In American History?

Trillions Have Been Redistributed from the American Workforce to the Healthcare Industry Creating An Economic Depression for the Middle Class.

An article by Forbes.

The CEO's Guide to Restoring the American Dream

Most CEOs, HR leaders, and others have been led to believe that controlling health benefits costs isn’t possible. The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream shows how this just isn’t true. It’s an inside look into how public and private employers and unions across the U.S. are reducing their spending by 20% or more, while improving care quality and access, by taking control of the purchasing process, aligning economic incentives, and applying simple, practical, and proven approaches. A book by Dave Chase.

The Company That Solved Healthcare

Whether or not health-care legislation passes, one thing is clear: health-care costs will continue to rise dramatically. While individuals may get better coverage, businesses will have the same problem they’ve had for the last four decades. Health care, one of corporate America’s largest expenses, is growing at double-digit rates, and nothing proposed in Washington will change that. A book by John Torinus Jr.

Here's How to Offer Competitive Benefits Without Sacrificing Salary

In a tightening labor market, employees expect (and receive) higher salaries and better benefits. Businesses must find innovative ways to stay competitive and attract top talent. This can be especially difficult for small business with limited financial resources. With a record number of Americans quitting their jobs — up to 3.3 million in 2018 — now is the time to act.

Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibilities Under A Group Health Plan

Offering a group health plan can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, decisions an employer can make. The employees participating in the plan, their  beneficiaries, and the employer benefit when a group health plan is in place. Administering a plan and managing its assets, however, require certain actions and involve specific responsibilities.

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